About Us

StratAdept brings together  leaders in organisation development, strategy, change and customer development. We’ve been there. We have worked in senior international industry and consulting roles, with demanding performance targets and objectives.

We know what it’s like to be motivated to succeed, to build high-performing teams and businesses. We also understand that it can be challenging to convince people of the importance of strategy or change for the success of the organisation.

Because we appreciate these challenges, we have designed a way to help our clients develop high-performing teams, to simplify strategy and change. Our approach is people-centred, co-creating strategy and change that brings high levels of support and ownership.

Meet The StratAdept Team

Derval Kennedy

Derval is the Founder and Director of StratAdept. She has 30+ years' experience delivering strategy and transformation initiatives in financial services, healthcare/life sciences and technology. 

Lorcán ÓhUallacháin

Lorcán has 20+ years’ international experience of working on transformation programmes, predominantly in international financial services and legal organisations. 

Siobhan Maughan

Siobhan has over 20 years’ senior experience in product and services development as practitioner and advisor in the technology sector. 

How Can Our Team Help You?

Through our customised programmes, StratAdept can develop your organisation effectiveness, give you the clarity of vision, strategy and change direction that you need to build capable businesses, with engaged people.

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