How We Helped a Healthcare Leader Innovate a Service to Attract New Customers
Strategy Design – Customer Development Strategy

A leading healthcare client had developed considerable analytics expertise in a particular service line.  They wished to leverage this capability, operationalise and monetise it, for deployment in different customer segments and markets.


We guided the business team in developing an idea into a new service line.  We helped them to  identify the 'sweet spot' between between what they understood about customers, what their customers wanted,  and what they could deliver.

We showed them how to co-create initial business model and value proposition canvasses. We guided them in designing and executing the market development process, involving early hypotheses, internal value proposition development (readiness for market), prototyping, solutions redesign, structured value (money) discussions with the market, and sales adoption roadmaps.

We coached and mentored the team through the all phases of the customer development process, to the point of being ready to scale.


By focussing on finding prototype customers who and following the customer development process, the team built a customer base at the same time as refining the service design.

By asking the right questions and processing the answers, they stimulated innovation.  Resources were used effectively.  The team didn't waste time designing a service that customers didn't want.

The result is a new service that customers value highly and will pay for (at the required level).  There is 'product-market fit' and the business is ready to scale.


By using the StratAdept customer development process, the team moved in a logical sequence from  prototype, to solution redesign, to achieving a 'product-market fit'.  They now share a language and understanding of their business model and how it works.  Using the process steps they have already engaged new clients, with impressive sales in the first year.

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