Strategy to Leverage In-house Expertise to Develop New Services
Strategy Design – Customer Development

A leading services outsourcing firm wished to capitalize on considerable skills and intellectual capital of its people, to build a new advisory business and revenue stream.


We worked with the executive and talent teams, designing and running a series of strategic workshops to co-create vision, mission and purpose for the new unit.

We introduced business model and value proposition concepts, and facilitated the co-creation of the unit strategy. People quickly adapted to the collaborative approach and designed with pace.

The design process clearly showed where the organisation could focus initial efforts, get some quick wins and achieve success quickly.


The result was an engaged and energetic business team, aligned around the business model, new value propositions and market segments.

People had been involved in all stages of strategy development and fully understood their own contributions.

They were confident, equipped to execute strategy and united in their purpose.


"The guidance and expertise was highly practical. Derval  and the team at StratAdept really helped us to leverage our talent to deliver new services, putting us on a growth course"

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