How we Assisted a National Charity in Designing Long-term Strategy
Strategy Design, Execution and Change Management

A long-established charity had been in operational mode for some time. With diverse stakeholders, they needed a new long-term strategy to reflect significant funding, political and environmental challenges. They needed to reach more people with improved and relevant services, using new digital channels.  It was time to revisit their strategy,  to develop a new mission, vision and purpose, rather than simply refresh operating plans.


Over a period of some months, we conducted design workshops with the management team, board and stakeholders. Using a mixture of traditional and innovative tools, we facilitated the strategy design process, involving consultation with all.

Using consultation feedback, we facilitated mission, vision, purpose and  strategy design workshops. Outputs from these workshops were used to discuss and evaluate options, thus ensuring that all strategic initiatives were outcome-driven and measurable.

Finally, we showed the team how to translate strategic initiatives into action and operating plans,  while highlighting and addressing any capability gaps to ensure sustainability and success.


Because of our approach and guidance, the new strategy is practical, has reinvigorated people's commitment, and balances stakeholder requirements.

Using innovative strategic design techniques in a series of focussed workshops,  we helped to deliver a clear five-year strategy and execution plan in a short time period.

business model innovation


The newly-formed management team had not worked on strategy together before. During the process of working with Stratadept,  they acquired valuable strategic decision-making skills.  They now have a shared language for strategy and planning, and have  ‘hit the ground running’.

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