Creating a Strategy that Engages and Unifies a Diverse Team
Strategy Design, Execution and Change Management

With a world-class reputation in medical technology, this global leader had  considerable market share with a diverse customer base. Given their extensive knowledge and understanding of customer requirements, they saw an opportunity to professionalise advisory services to customers and increase revenue. Business owners in the group, however, were globally distributed and silo'ed.  The challenge was to unify a newly-formed group around  the vision, design and execution of a professional services strategy, to become a high-performing team.


Our collaborative approach, using easy-to-understand methods and tools, encouraged business owners to ‘leave their titles at the door’ and collaborate from the start.

We worked closely with executives and their teams to design the new business operating model. We led workshops, using Gamestorming techniques and value proposition tools to develop a suite of customer-focussed, integrated services. We standardised the customer development process, thus maximising shared customer bases. We synthesised workshop outputs, using them as the basis for a strategic plan.

For over a year, we worked with the team and coached them in executing strategy and monitoring performance against plans.


The result was an engaged and energetic business team, aligned around the mission, vision, purpose and business model.  The team came up with new value propositions and market segments.

Team members had been involved in all stages of strategy development and fully understood their own contributions. They were happy to support what they had helped to build and were united in their purpose.


“StratAdept provided excellent guidance in helping us to articulate our vision, design our strategy and unify the team around objectives. We addressed our capability gaps to execute strategy, manage organisational change and achieve impressive growth”

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