Our Services

Whether you want to develop high-performing teams, co-create strategy, change your business model, or develop new customers, we can help. 

StratAdept's unique approach is people-centred. Our methods ‘get people out of their seats’. Each project starts with a collaborative workshop that gets people generating ideas and designing solutions. We show you how to co-create and activate strategy and change, engaging people along the way.

Our services detailed below address team development, strategy and change at all levels. Our tools and methods are easily understood. Stakeholders are aligned – from boardroom to business units, to people impacted. People will support what they have helped to build.

  • Strategy design & Activation
  • Organisational Change management
  • Customer development strategies

You want to build your growth company or develop a new corporate venture.  We show you how to discover and validate the right market, offer features that solve customers' needs, test the correct model and tactics for acquiring and converting customers.


  • Internal value proposition development: leadership alignment and communication, team development workshops

  • Customer Discovery process: product/service hypothesis, business model design value propositions, proof of concept(s), test solution(s), experiments, insights, understanding of customer needs, voice of the customer

  • Customer validation process: Customer engagement, value discussions, market pricing, customer segmentation, customer adoption roadmaps
  • Customer Creation process: Product/market fit, differentiation and innovation, positioning, sales campaign preparation, test business models for scale

  • Building Business process: Product or service strategy design, UX design, sales campaign activation, KPIs, business planning for scale, development roadmaps, resource investment, financial projections


  • Reduce risks by challenging your market assumptions about what the customer wants

  • Understand your customers, their needs and pain points, and how to deliver solutions to them

  • Avoid spending time and money building something no one wants

  • Gain insights to help you build the most valuable product possible

  • Know what your customers value and will pay for

  • Get new ideas for differentiation and build less new services or products  as a result

  • et ideas for future value added products and services

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