Our Services

Whether you want to design and execute strategy, transform your business model, ways of working,  or develop new products and services, we can help. 

StratAdept's unique approach is people-centred. We show you how to collaborate and co-create outcomes, using design thinking.  Our tools and methods are accessible and easily understood. 

 The results? All stakeholders are aligned – from boards, to functional teams, to individuals. People  support what they have helped to create and build.

  • Strategy design & Activation
  • Organisational Change management
  • Customer development strategies

We help you to assess the need for change and make the business case. We assess your current change capabilities, help to design change implementation and measure benefits.

We help you to build lasting organisation change capability.

Concept to Design

  • Change Capability Reviews
  • Change Management Needs Analysis
  • Change Strategy Design

Build and Implement

  • Culture Mapping
  • Change Readiness Assessments
  • Impact Assessments 
  • Change Canvas and Communications
  • Change Models: PROSCI, CMP, Lean Change , Gamestorming 
  • Benefits Realisation Planning

Change Capability Devevelopment

  • Establishing Change Centres of Excellence


  • Understand your corporate 'change muscle'.  Evaluation of  current change function

  • Clear stakeholder understanding of 'why we are doing this, what do we want to achieve, what are the benefits and how will we measure them?

  • Clear execution plan aligned with strategy

  • Obstacles or challenges identified - being able to run and improve while moving to new business models

  • Range of change 'emotions' identified and plans to address them

  • Support due to visibility of change communications

  • Mix of change design and planning methods allow for acceleration of pace of change and degrees of co-creation

  • Manage and measure how your resources are used to achieve change objectives

  • Standardised approach to change management. Clear sponsors and portfolio management. Increased project success rates

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