Case Studies

Some examples of client engagements..

Developing a New Analytics Business in Global Tech Firm

We guided our medtech client team in developing the idea for a new analytics business from their technology customer base.  Using customer development strategies, we helped them to identify the ‘sweet spot’ between what their customers wanted,  and what they could deliver. 


We showed them how to co-create initial business model and value proposition canvasses. We guided them in executing market development, involving early hypotheses, internal value proposition development, prototyping, solutions redesign, structured value (money) discussions with the market, and sales adoption roadmaps. 


We coached and mentored the team through the all phases of the customer development process, to the point of being ready to scale.

Designing a New Operating Model for MedTech R&D

Our client needed to sharply scale the volume of R & D activity and capacity. Existing processes were inefficient, causing delays and negatively impacting program deadlines. An overhaul of the operating model was required.


We first undertook a detailed activity analysis, prioritising high-value activities. Data analysis pinpointed inefficiencies in process, handovers, authorities and sign-offs. This gave us the priority areas for focus, redesign and change.


We then worked with internal teams to facilitate them in designing their own solutions to process, system and culture change. We encouraged and incorporated feedback from people in design workshops. We used agile methods to introduced small, experimental changes and prototypes, which led to significant improvements. We digitised processes. From the people side, we identified enablers and introduced collaborative ways of working.

Developing a New Professional Services Team

Our global tech client had significant market share.  With their extensive customer knowledge, they saw an opportunity to professionalise advisory services to customers and develop ancillary revenue. Business owners in the group, however,  were globally distributed and silo’ed.  The challenge was to unify a new group around the vision, design and execution of a professional services strategy.


We worked closely with the team to design a new operating model. We led workshops to develop a suite of customer-focussed, integrated services and standardise the customer development process. We used workshop outputs as the basis for a strategic plan. For over a year, we worked with the team and coached them in executing strategy and monitoring performance against plans.


The result was an engaged and energetic business team, aligned around the shared vision.  The team came up with new value propositions and market segments.


Leveraging In-House Expertise to Develop New Services

A leading services outsourcing firm wished to capitalize impressive in-house skills and expertise, to build a new advisory business revenue stream.


We worked with the leadership and teams, facilitating strategic workshops to co-create shared vision and strategy for the new business.We introduced business model and value proposition concepts. People quickly adapted to the collaborative approach and designed with enthusiasm.

The design process clearly showed where the organisation could focus initial efforts and enjoy quick wins.


The result was an engaged and energetic business team, aligned around the business model, new value propositions and market segments. They were confident, equipped to execute strategy and united in their purpose.

Designing Strategy for a National Charity 

A long-established charity had been in operational mode for some time. They needed a new long-term strategy to address funding and environmental challenges. They needed to improve services, using digital channels. 


We conducted design workshops with the management team and stakeholders. Using our innovative tools, we guided the strategy design process. We evaluated options and removed barriers, ensuring that all strategic initiatives were outcome-driven and measurable. We showed the team how to translate strategic initiatives into action and operating plans, addressing capability gaps to ensure success. 


Using innovative strategic design techniques in a series of focussed workshops,  we helped to deliver a clear five-year strategy and execution plan in a short time period.

“It’s been a privilege to work with StratAdept for the past few years. They have helped us to articulate our vision, engage our people in co-creating strategy and building organisational capability to develop customers and services. Their practical approach, tools and programs have made strategy execution easier. I highly recommend StratAdept…”

Jordan Lister

Global Business Development Director, Change Healthcare